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Hey! I always thought you shot photos I didn't know you modeled


i dont model lol. i mean i have before but im usually in front of the camera lol


Interracial dating by theturnstyles for Ink Magazine 

More projects coming

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BLACK LIKE HER from Sunday Kinfolk

amazing. love to see black female filmmakers doing their thing!

This is the shit that blows me ….

I look at pictures like this of famous black men from decades past …

… and then I look at the rising witch hunt in certain Black Conscious circles for homosexual men (and women) and I think ….


something ain’t adding up.

I always get into arguments with my older brother and uncle about stuff like this. Although they grew up in this time, they insist that men are  so feminine these days and that homosexuality, from what they see on the streets, is a growing epidemic. When confronted about the way in which their favorite musicians and athletes dressed way back when, they just offer the same excuse:

"Men were MEN back then tho!"

What does that even MEAN?!?

Well I gave it some thought and I came up with some answers that might could work.

The first is a lesson we all learned from “Friday” when Pop encouraged Craig to “put his dukes up” when confronting D-Bo. The era of men going to the body to prove their strength seems almost primitive now in the age of guns and weapons. Back then, manhood was an attitude that could shine through tight polyester suits and sequined jackets. As long as you made a good product, stayed true to your craft, and kept a harem of bad bitches (i.e. Prince) your manhood could not be checked. 

But today, manhood is always checked for the most subtle of reasons. Drake (though the memes are hilarious) is constantly nabbed as being a pussy for his emotional lyrics. Miguel was been labeled as a homosexual since the dawn of his career until he went public with his relationship. And on top of all that, we have these MegaPastors of the Black Conscious movement like the group Field Afrikan Refuge and Dr. Umar Johnson who put eliminating homosexuality in the black community on the top of their agenda, naming it one of the leading contributors to dwindling social status.

This is dumb, cheap, and false. Just like gay marriage, the supposed “rise in black homosexuality” is placed above more important issues, mainly the increasing lack of access to basic human needs like food, shelter, and water. While I don’t doubt that there is some weird, freaky, sexual agenda going on in Hollywood, I don’t doubt that this is anything new. And honestly, I would rather see a bunch of flamboyant gay men slobbing each other down in the streets than a bunch of macho men who secretly have sex with other men behind closed doors.

I think the problem is that manhood is so rigidly defined and society is not as liberal as we allow ourselves to believe. Unlike women — who are encouraged to do so — men do not have the luxury to explore the male/female duality that exists in every human, especially those in the public eye. Few black male musicians would dare to explore androgyny despite their sexual orientation. Their manhood is defined by being “hard” are being “smooth”. When they aren’t putting out a unique product that’s good enough to make history, they have to rely on other methods of appearing macho like violence, crime, or a harem of bad bitches. For example, Kanye, even through his materialism, was able to rock fitted pants and LV bags because he carried enough confidence and dedication to his product.

Women, on the other hand, can wear make up and shop in the men’s section. The world isn’t ready for the day when we realize how powerful this is!

In that loathsome Macklemore song “Same Love” (nothing against the song’s message, I just really don’t like Macklemore), he mentions how his uncles used to call him gay because he liked to draw. While that’s not to say that this same ideology didn’t exist during the Prince/Paisley Park era (in fact, my uncle still makes this jokes to my big brother), I will say that there was more focus on craft mastery than sexual orientation. Black men could ignore Dennis Rodman’s affinity for drag because the man was a beast on the court. 

And THAT should be what the focus is, Mr. Umar Johnson! Black folks are never going to fully agree on what constitutes a “righteous” lifestyle but our problems are shared from individual to individual. There is bigger shit to worry about!

The black homosexual is just as, if not more feared than the black man because the definition is not manhood is forever changing, so much in fact that homosexuality is not always included in the definition of manhood.  Whatever the general definition is, I know that I am a woman who recognizes a man when she sees one, whether he walks with a cane or walks with a switch. 

So when I look at these old school pics, I can’t help but give roll my eyes when I think of how ridiculous we will sound years down the road when pieces of the puzzle are filled. I pray the era of jheri curls and muscle skirts comes back so we can all just chill and pay attention to what really matters. 

The only epidemic Dr. Umar needs to focus on is the rise of men who prey on stable women for financial support….

….But that’s not my business (sips tea)

Tricky - ‘Aftermath’ 

what u know about some Tricky?


hood feminism is very important

Because I stand for Nikki and Nicki

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Don’t let me tell it

I think the things that black folks love more than ourselves is hearing the hilariously honest truth about ourselves lol

What’s REALLY Going On?: Musings on “The Bicycle Thief”

It’s been a brick since I’ve written anything. This is due to a combination of writer’s block and fear of the ways in which humans these days get publicly executed for being wrong about something they say online. 

I will start off by admitting that I am a human being with flaws who is constantly learning and evolving. My opinions and beliefs are subject to change because they’re allowed be. And while I am open to dialogue, I completely abhor (SAT word) personal attacks.

So with that being said….

As some may know, i am a biker. Biking is my primary choice/option of transportation around DC and Richmond, VA because:

  1. it’s free
  2. i hate working out
  3. i dont have a car
  4. even if i did, i ain’t paying for gas
  5. DC metro is atrociously expensive
  6. i’m into biker boys ;)

In the US, biking is often considered a pastime enjoyed by non-PoC’s (the webseries Black Folk Don’t and increased popularity of Capital BikeShare can attest to that fact). However, in my day-to-day experiences between these two cities, I’m seeing more and more folk that look like me pumping through the streets on two wheelers. 

And I’m not talking about D-bo-style, 2mph-so-everybody-sees-you bike cruise through your neighborhood. I mean black men and women flying past me on the street with purpose and with a place to go. And while I’m estatic to see my kinfolk lowering our carbon footprint, the question still lingers in the corner of my mind:

What’s REALLY going on here?

Biking has gone from being an activity to a necessity. Talking to fellow black bikers these past few days, bike theft has grown so rampant that many use two U-locks and STILL fear losing a seats, pedals, brakes, etc. 

I think its safe to assume that my reasons for biking are shared with the multitudes (maybe less on the hot guys and more emphasis on the high price of gas and public transportation lol). But, in addition, bike parts are way cheaper and easier to work on.

I can’t describe how bad ass i feel now that I know how to change my inner tube :)

The necessity and severity of bike riding remind me of a neo-realist Italian film I watched during my first semester at NYU called “The Bicycle Thief”. Set in post-WWII Rome, Italy, the film tells the story of Antonio Ricci, man in search of work to support his wife, baby, and son, Bruno. He is offered a position to sell ads, however the position is far from his home and he does not have a bicycle. So his wife sells the dowry bedsheets — which, during those times, was like, a big fucking deal — to get her husband a bike.

Long story short, the bike is stolen and Antonio and Bruno go on a rampage to find his bike. They eventually find the thief but the plan sort of backfires because the public gets involved and starts blaming Antonio for acting crazy. The cops search the thief’s house but the bike is not there. Downhearted, they go to the National Stadium of the Fascist Party (!) where there’s a game going on and *ding* plenty of unattended bikes. Antonio doesn’t want to steal in front of his son so he gives him streetcar fare and proceeds to steal to bike. And AGAIN the public gets involved and proceeds to arrest him. The bike owner sees Bruno, who has missed his bus and is watching his father at his lowest, and drops the charges. The movie ends with a question mark as Antonio tries his best to salvage his pride in front of his son. 

It’s a great movie! Check it out on Netflix!

But my point is, while our society’s current circumstances are miles down the road from Fascist italy, it is important to note the similarities in economically-torn nations. Images of African families sharing a single bicycle aren’t just intended for funny memes. They speak on power structure, culture, and the survival methods for those on the bottom rung of society. 

In cities like DC and Richmond that were once plagued by White Flight and now suffer (from my perspective, at least) from White Resurgence, poor people are getting pushed to wayside and are forced to find ways to navigate through housing discrimination, increase living costs, welfare cuts, workforce education requirements, and, now, limited means of transportation. A bike is not just a toy anymore, it’s an economic come up. And the past ALWAYS repeats itself. 

So to all my bikers, in DC especially, ALWAYS lock your bike up. Use a U-Lock, not a chain or wire. Use two if you got it. Or, pull the lock through the wheel and the frame THEN lock it to whatever post or tree you find that’s incapable of being cut down easily. Take the other wheel off and take it with you if you can. Bring it indoors at night. And if these methods still fail, make sure you bring a weapon with you when you try and find the person who stole it lol.

Peace and blessings


For all of us who wanna be down, but forget to the set the DVR - our guide to the BET AWARDS. 

"i, like a stone gargoyle atop some crumbling building, spring to life a resuscitated angel" -@saulwilliams Photo by: @trudancer92

Janelle Monae, Live at Glastonbury

my favorite JM performace ever. they keyboardist, the dancers, and the Asian violinist in the back are donating so much life for the children!